The Origin

There once was an luring urban myth saying that if one can win the game would gain countless money as prize, and his/her destiny would instantly change to become the mightiest overnight. All the attendants need only one stake——their souls. Here, soul is merely a stake, and everyone only has one shot.
No one knows that this soul-gambling game is nothing but a hoax made by a ghost called Xi’E (from In Search of the Supernatural, Jin Dynasty). Ghost Xi’E is evil in its nature yet not powerful and unable to perform killing, yet it is a demon who wishes everyone to be evil. It uses the greed in people and lures them to the gamble to perform this cruel soul-gambling game after game.
Ghost Xi’E uses its unique power to build dreams, turning the gambling game into a small illusion, luring the attendants in it. For those who are inside this illusion, this gambling game is nothing but a real killing game. They will be hunted by devils during the escape, and Ghost Xi’E would conjure many cardholders to allow people to expel those devils who are also the poor souls that are imprisoned by Ghost Xi’E.
Cheated by Ghost Xi’E, gamblers join the game one by one, which keeps the game alive. However, no one will actually win except for the ghost.

The Bride

The red cape was made of not only blood, but also the deepest despairs and voiceless weeping.
Time seemed to stop flowing inside these prisoning walls. She powerlessly banged the coffin lid yet was unable to make a sound. She wanted to cry yet the tears had already run dry.
The people of ignorant savages and the cruel feudalism cut her skin open and tore her spirit into pieces till she finally stopped breathing.Her eyes did not close.
She hated this world, she cursed everyone. Killings will be repeating time after time in the same night, and will never stop.

The Prince

If lingering for life, the spirits of the dead wandering in the real world are bound by hatred and unable to reincarn.
The loyalty of a good lord is yet defeated by gossips and slanders. Amongst all evils, lies are the worst, beyond time and life.
Good and evil, right and wrong are only nada. Death comes to all at last. Dust to dust and then becomes eternity.
All is buried by wind and sand, only the ruins of the dynasty remain. The true lies will never die.

The Corpse

He never knew his parents, nor a name. Humiliation and contempt were all he had.
Leprosy stormed the town and made him itchy and painful. He was seen with disgust to terrified.
The smile on his face twisted, and he suddenly screams from the bottom of his lungs and waving the shovel towards people. He then was imprisoned in the basement, in the darkness, he was rotting with pus.
When he finally broke free, he remembered nothing but only to kill. All he ever wanted was to smash all the moving objects, mash them and ditch them.

The Witch

Having inherited the ancestral skills of the Northeastern people, she became a revered witch. Countless people came to her for help, for exorcisms and blessings. However, none of this changed the building frustrations and loneliness, with only the adopted wild cats as company, she endured a wretched and difficult life.
The villagers regarded the black cats she had taken in as a symbol of misfortune, and began to regard her differently in the village, which further isolated her. Finally, in the snowy night of New Year's Eve, the tortured life of the witch came to an end, while the nightmare of the village was quietly coming to life.

The Actor

April was his stage name. As an actor, he gained most fame from his female roles. In the fancy costumes, he looked even more charming than women. His vocal always won applause from every one in the audience, except Rose.
Rose is the fellow actress that he was in love with, however he couldn't accept his true feelings after he was sent to entertain the authorities.
He had lived as "April" for so long, but never as the real himself.

The Twins

A pair of twins with the same soul, inseparable, laughing innocently.
The memories still remain like everblooming flowers, never wilting.


If kindness and weakness are sins, then no one is innocent.
For an educated college student, Daisy was outstanding, yet a total loser in life.
She was quiet and coward in front of her feudatorial and stubborn parents or gambling brother. She never said no to them nor had she complained a word.
When being sold by her loved ones, she began to hate her weakness.Yet in the face of malevolence and despair, her tears worthed nothing.


Even in the coldest and cruel long nights, someone was still willing to light himself and become weak candle lights.
Like all the struggling workers on the dock, Daniel gave all his blood and sweat only to taste all the pains.
Some might risk everything only for a couple of coins, some was willing to be running dogs for black-hearted capitalists. Only Daniel who had never gave up his dignity.
Such as him, who could never be more disgusted, hated, and cursed. Like a candle struggling in the darkness, he had never dimmed.


People are vain, some just refuse mediocre existence.
Angie used to drawn herself in raucous life and had her fun among the riches and powerfuls.
She did not mind being called lusty and shameless, for they were just slanders in her ears, nothing but the howling of dogs.
Only being destroyed by lies and losing everything when she finally realised that it was all but a dream, sweet as poison yet deadly.
In every sleepless night, she longed to go back to those raucous dreams and would rather pay the cruelest prices.


The day dreamers are the most dangerous for they would do anything to make the dreams come true.
There was a time when Charles was treated nothing but mocks and humiliations. No one believed his crazy ideas and unrealistic dreams.When he fulfilled his promises with criminal's hands, what welcomed him was not admiration nor compliments, but fears.
He has long forgotten his real desires. Only shining silver and gold can offer him some transitory satisfactions.

Henry,The Businessman

When the desire reaches to the maximum, one would dare to gamble all they have.
In order to win something, you have to lose something. Henry is the man who is willing to lose something, and win more back. This makes him an outstanding businessman in the complicated world. Many peers commented that he was more than a lunatic than a merchant.
Life is just a business to him, and he needs a good deal to make the most of it.
What if it is a deal with the devils? He didn't care. He would take the risk when the profit is good enough.

Oliver The Waif

The living things who lost themselves are perplexed, not knowing where to go.
Why not to regard the future as the way home, to find the real home and heart?
  • Pestilential Train Station

    This train station has witnessed countless laughs and tears, also gave life to an orphan. The peaceful days were broken by leprosy which tortured his flesh and mind, until the very good in him were taken away. He started killing.
    The station was locked up due to that slaughter, and no one dared to enter ever since. Only when in midnight, people can still hear the sound of heavy banging and something cracking.
  • Bewitching Hakka Tulou

    The snowstorm raged throughout the night, at daybreak the snowy ground was covered in the mottled scarlet of firecracker debris and dried-up blood. The northern wind swept through with what felt like a folksong or spell incantation woven within, and a shrill cat cry pierced through the lonely silence of the night.
    The hunched figure stumbles into the snow and wind,the black cat's eyes bent over its shoulders flashed fiercely with vengeance. No one is innocent, it seeks, thirsting, to disembowel them all, gouge out their hearts and savor every moment of pain and fear.
  • Mourning Theater

    Little did people know the well-known theater would ended up in the ashes.
    The leading actor April's performance is still unforgettable to many people. They filled this theater every night only wishing to listen to his remarkable vocal and fascinating performance.
    To everyone's surprise, the theater became a living hell in one night. The numerous opera put up on this stage, as well as the everlasting romance happened here, all ended up in the flames and mourns, together with April's finale.
  • No.9 Residence

    The old, wooden door carved with western patterns, the mottled walls covered in vines, and the garden piled up with fallen leaves, all of these reveal the cold, bleak and lifeless.
    It used to be a luxurious, foreign residence and home to a harmonious and happy family of four. Every friend complimented the host on his elegance and his family's state of harmony.
    But overnight, the whole family disappeared.
    The laurel tree in the garden bloomed as usual, knowing the secrets buried here. Who is singing that song...
  • Mysterious Palace

    This palace has been deserted for hundreds of years now, full of spider webs and dusts, mouse and bats nesting in it. Nothing can be heard except the wind blowing the windows and white lanterns. The peacetime is nowhere to be seen. Who would even bother understanding a dead king or his vision?
    During the midnight, the white candles in the mourning hall would light themselves, and the cold wind blowing the white paper money onto the floor, mixing them with fallen leaves and dusts. The mystery shadows swaying on the walls. No one could tell whether they are sighing or speaking with hatred.
  • Bewitching Hakka Tulou

    This far-away Tulou does not count as a rich one. People are living relatively peaceful. However, since the Embroidering Lady was forced to be married to a ghost, Tulou lost its peace. Everyone who had witnessed the horrible death of the lady had died of terrible deaths.
    Bad luck was gradually spreading the Tulou. Some elders say that it was the curse casted by the lady when she was dying. No one can hide from it until everyone in it had died.
    Finally, Tulou had become empty. During the midnight, near the ancestral hall, sad weeping can still be heard. No one knows whether it is from the lady's spirit or some wandering ghosts mourning for what had happened here.